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Posted by marjiejochesebro on August 9, 2015 at 5:40 PM

Kevin and the Chickadee

~ Marilyn (Mia) Cartmill


Kevin stands perfectly still,

arms outstretched,

palms cupped

holding sunflower seeds.


Late snow falls in big wet flakes on his hat,

Swirling around like a shaken snow globe.

He waits for a chickadee to perch on his hand.

Mother said it would happen if he were still enough.

And he is still . . . and quiet,

like no other boy of twelve.


No bird comes but Kevin waits;

a statue cast in silence,

weighted down with heavy boots

and forebodings in February’s deep snow.


A chickadee lights on the heel of his pure right hand

and he’s transfixed like the legendary St. Kevin,

caught in hand with a nesting bird.

But this bird leaves nothing.

It takes a single seed and flies away.


By now, Kevin has lost himself in the globe of his own silence;

A statue in the falling snow –

standing perfectly still

until Hell freezes over or the Fourth of July parade,

or his mother’s voice calls him in from the cold.


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